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Funeral Directors Association New Zealand

The FDANZ was founded in 1937, with a mission statement - 

​To represent, lead and advocate for our members in quality, standards and education

To provide our members with relevant support and information

To promote public awareness of the value of a meaningful funeral

And the promotion of qualities such as -


Application of the knowledge


With the FDANZ's high standards in professionalism also comes a strict Code of Ethics and a Code of Conduct.

For more information:

call: (04) 473 7475        email:

Funeral Directors Association of NZ
PO Box 25148
Featherston Street
Wellington 6146


New Zealand Embalmers Association

The NZEA is about educating people on the art, history and reasoning behind embalming but most importantly it gives us a strict code of conduct and ethics.

For all your questions or concerns please click here.

Funeral Directors Association New Zealand 


A Funeral Trust plan allows you to set money aside, in trust, for your final farewell or for that of a loved one.

Prepaying towards a funeral means when the time comes loved ones can can gather together, support one another, and remember and celebrate a life, without the responsibility of making difficult choices in very emotional circumstances.

For more information visit The Funeral Trust website or contact the Funeral Company

Funeral Trust

Locally Owned & Family Owned

Funeral Directors 


Some people are not aware that many funeral homes in New Zealand are in fact owned by an overseas corporation, dealing with a locally owned or family owned funeral home is important to some people and ensures you receive service that is appropriate to you and your family.

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